The CSA Connect Community brings together key stakeholders involved in research related to child sexual abuse, including child sexual exploitation. The Community aims to improve knowledge and understanding of child sexual abuse, promoting collaboration and networking to enable more effective identification and confrontation of knowledge and evidence gaps.

It creates opportunities for researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the field to shape research activities on CSA by facilitating shared learning and collaboration and reducing duplication.


Mapping research into CSA  in England and Wales

The CSA Centre has identified that, while there is a significant level of research activity on topics related to child sexual abuse, there is a lack of coordination across the field. In response, we released a survey in early 2018 in a bid to map current and ongoing research in this field.

Details of 163 projects were submitted, and additional input was provided via other stakeholder engagement during the survey period; some of the key statistics can be found below.

Download the full report (English PDF, 2820 KB)

Download the summary (Welsh PDF, 2260 KB)




We want to update this mapping exercise showing the CSA research landscape periodically to ensure it stays relevant and useful. If you are undertaking or commissioning research on child sexual abuse (including CSE), input and update information about your research projects to be included in the next report here.

Complete the research mapping survey

Download the raw data spreadsheet (xlsx, 81KB)


CSA Connect Community events

The CSA Connect Community hosts events that bring together policy-makers, researchers and practitioners to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration in order to improve understanding of child sexual abuse.

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