A practical guide for services working with children and young people affected by sexual abuse

We have developed  an accessible step-by-step guide for CSA services on monitoring and evaluating their work.

This resource is for any CSA service looking to set up or improve its monitoring and evaluation system. Commissioners may also find this guide helpful in understanding more about how CSA services can develop the monitoring and evaluation of their work and how they can support this process.

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The Evaluation Fund 

Between October 2017 and March 2018, we funded 17 providers of CSA services in England and Wales to improve their capacity to assess and evidence their services’ effectiveness as part of our Evaluation Fund. The Fund has supported services to become evaluation-ready, to enable them to self-evaluate and produce stronger evidence on their way of working. Grantees have given examples of achievements they have made through the Fund. 

More information about the fund and grantees 


The CSA Centre’s Evaluation Fund: a reflection

This report sets out the experiences of the service providers involved in the Evaluation Fund, and may prove valuable in the planning of any similar funding projects in the future. This report does not contain information about the evaluation tools developed through the Fund; this will be the subject of separate guidance to be published in 2019.

We believe that similar initiatives would offer a great opportunity for service providers to work towards addressing a gap in knowledge about what is effective when responding to CSA.

We will be publishing guidance in 2019 which will aim to encourage evaluation, or improved evaluation, of a wider range of services which did not receive grants through the Evaluation Fund.

Reflection report in English (PDF, 1.79 MB) 

Reflection summary in Welsh (PDF, 1.65 MB) 


The knowledge review (to be completed in Summer 2019)

Studying effectiveness of services in this field is challenging as children who experience CSA, rightly, receive a flexible, responsive, multi-agency service. To set the groundwork for an evaluation of services, the CSA Centre commissioned London Metropolitan University and DMSS  to undertake a knowledge review to identify key positive elements of practice when responding to CSA. This had a particular (though not exclusive) focus on those who are in or are leaving care and/or those who have learning difficulties/disabilities .