Developing a CSA offending typology 

Our existing research on perpetration has highlighted the challenges of developing appropriate and effective responses to perpetration of child sexual abuse (CSA). Part of this challenge stems from difficulties encountered in identifying patterns of offending and the contexts in which CSA offending occurs.

The CSA Centre has therefore commissioned further research to build a better understanding of the nature of child sexual abuse offending and the context in which offences are committed. Its aim is to develop, test and apply a typology of CSA offending from analysis of police case files and practitioner engagement.

The research project began in April 2018 and is estimated to take 18 months in total, consisting of three stages. We will be seeking to draw out emerging findings within the first year.

This work is funded and commissioned by the CSA Centre and will be delivered by Middlesex University. Download the briefing paper below to find out more about the research project. 

Download briefing (PDF, 114KB)


Child sexual exploitation (CSE) perpetration

The purpose of these exploratory studies was to increase our understanding of CSE perpetration and identify the strengths and limitations of research approaches. The findings will inform both focus and methodology of further much needed research.

The studies vary in their approach including: identifying findings from research to date, undertaking interviews with experts and in some cases, case file analysis, new empirical evidence on the characteristics and perspectives of individuals who sexually exploit young people.


Child sexual exploitation perpetrators research programme briefing

This briefing reflects on the learning from the series of five scoping studies commissioned by the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse concerning perpetrators of child sexual exploitation and sets out how the Centre’s next steps will build on this work.

Download briefing (PDF, 1108KB)


Young people who engage in CSE behaviours: An exploratory study

Simon Hackett, Durham University and Stephen Smith, Durham Constabulary

Download report (PDF, 1074KB)


Characteristics and motivations of perpetrators of child sexual exploitation: A rapid evidence assessment of research

Kate Walker, Claire Pillinger and Sarah Brown, Coventry University

Download report (PDF, 1970KB)


Characteristics and perspectives of adults who have sexually exploited children: Scoping research

Kate Walker, Claire Pillinger and Sarah Brown, Coventry University

Download report (PDF, 1730KB)


Interventions for perpetrators of child sexual exploitation: a scoping study

Caroline Drummond and Jessica Southgate, Nacro

Download report (PDF, 1877KB)


Interventions for perpetrators of online child sexual exploitation: a scoping review and gap analysis

Derek Perkins, Royal Holloway University of London, Hannah Merdian, University of Lincoln, Britta Schumacher, Maastricht University, Hannah Bradshaw, University of Lincoln, and Jelena Stevanovic, Maastricht University

Download report (PDF, 2015KB)